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The Elysia Therapeutic Centre

Our philosophy at TACTA very much aligns with the approach of the Elysia Therapeutic Centre in Stourbridge, and for this reason we have chosen the Centre as our location.

The Elysia Therapeutic Centre is a complementary health clinic offering a broad range of therapeutic interventions. 

With many shared values TACTA feel fortunate to be able to provide a training programme for psychotherapists and counsellors at the Centre. 

The Centre's approach connects two ideas about the human being:

First, that how we are feeling and our attitude to life can impact our health and well-being.

Secondly, that our physical, emotional and spiritual health are interconnected, and therapy on one of these levels can foster wellness on another.

It is an approach that assumes life is meaningful and that ill health and crisis, whilst challenging and sometimes profoundly difficult, is also an opportunity to review, take-stock, reflect, rest, and perhaps bring about positive change and transformation in your life.

“Spontaneity means option, the freedom to choose and express one's feelings from the assortment available.”

― Eric Berne, Games People Play