Clinical Training Programme

Our clinical training programme commences in January 2021.

A full list of the indicative content, reading lists and other information is available from us.  Please contact Julia or Rachel and we will be happy to provide further information. 

2020-2021 Clinical Programme

Elysia Centre, Stourbridge

January 2021                    Full details of the clinical programme are avialble upon request.

February 2021                    

March 2021                       

April 2021                         

May 2021                          

June 2021                         

July 2021                          

September 2021                

October 2021                    

November 2021                 Y

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The ultimate goal of therapy... it's too hard a question. The words come to me like tranquility, like fulfillment, like realizing your potential.

Irvin D. Yalom